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people on a boat petting gray whale in lagoon in mexico

Gray Whales: Man’s Best (Underwater) Friend

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to pet a whale? If your family travels to Mexico around this time of year, you may be able to find out.

In late winter and early spring, gray whales swim in lagoons along the coast of Baja California in Mexico. They migrate from Alaska to the warm waters there to have their babies, and they seem to love people. The locals call gray whales “friendlies” because they swim right up to the boats. Sometimes the whales even get close enough to let people pet them or give them kisses!

No one knows why these whales are so friendly, but scientists and fishermen have a few theories. Whales are highly intelligent animals, and many people think they like interacting with people because they’re curious. Some people think the whales just like being patted, and others are certain the whales actually enjoy visiting with humans. What do you think?

Photo from Flickr Creative Commons, User Ryan Harvey 

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